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Coach K on How to Connect

I believe that my work is as much about words as it is about basketball. Choosing the right words is no less important to the outcome of a game than choosing the right players and strategies for the court. As … Continue reading

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Risk Taking

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Kevin Eastman: How Do The Best Become The Best?

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A Champions Grind

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Michael Jordan: Making It Happen

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Michael Jordan Inspirational Video

If this doesn’t fire you up, what will? One word to sum up your career? “FUN” I know that I will say the same thing to sum up my career. Love what you do! Do what you love! Follow your … Continue reading

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2013: Actions Show

Answer this riddle: Three frogs are sitting on a lily pad. One decides to jump off. How many frogs remain on the lily pad? If you said three, you’re right. Deciding to jump off and actually doing it are two … Continue reading

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Jon Gordon: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

This is a great article on staying focused on the task at hand. Take care of business and the universe will take care of you. I started playing tennis three years ago with my wife and son and fell in … Continue reading

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