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Jon Gordon: 5 Ways to Think Like a Champion

5 Ways to Think Like a Champion I meet and learn from Champions every day. Not just in locker rooms but in classrooms, hospitals, homeless shelters, homes and office buildings. I’ve learned that to be a champion you must Think … Continue reading

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Jon Gordon: Are You a Real Team?

A great read for all. Please share with your organization, team, colleagues and players. There’s a difference between being on a team and being a real team. People who are on a team focus on their own goals. People who … Continue reading

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Friday Inspiration

The valley always leads to the mountain top if you are willing to stay on the path, weather the storms and make the climb. Jon Gordon

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Jon Gordon: Best Advice I’ve Ever Heard

Dr. James Gills accomplished the remarkable feat of completing two triathlons back to back. Most of the world, including me, couldn’t complete one triathlon, never mind two. Yet, Dr. James Gills, a man in his fifties, was able to complete … Continue reading

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Jon Gordon: Mental Toughness

1. When you face a setback, think of it as a defining moment that will lead to a future accomplishment. 2. When you encounter adversity, remember, the best don’t just face adversity; they embrace it, knowing it’s not a dead … Continue reading

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Jon Gordon: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

This is a great article on staying focused on the task at hand. Take care of business and the universe will take care of you. I started playing tennis three years ago with my wife and son and fell in … Continue reading

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Chris “Macca” McCormack’s Mental Toughness

Great video on mental toughness!!! My advice is to have a positive outlook on everything!!! Jon Gordon Mental Toughness

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How NFL Coaches get their Teams to Buy In

1. Culture First 2. Get your team on the bus 3. No Energy Vampires Allowed 4. Believe in them more than they believe in themselves 5. Tough Love Jon Gordon: NFL Teams Buying In

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Jon Gordon: Talks About Coaching

Are you getting better today? It doesn’t matter what you do. Are you getting better at your craft? Invest in yourself. Great thought: “Would you want to be coached by you? Get better today!!!

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11 Ways to Build Trust

11 WAYS TO BUILD TRUST By Jon Gordon http://www.jongordon.com In my book Soup I discussed how trust is one of the essential ingredients to build a great relationship, winning team and culture of greatness. Without trust you can’t have engaged … Continue reading

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