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Ray Lewis Inspirational Speech

If you’re having a bad day or if you’re feeling down in the dumps. Watch this video and LEAVE A MARK!!! Go Get It and Leave A Legacy

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What’s Your Pitch?

Drew Rosenhaus: The art of the pitch

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Nick Saban On What It Takes To Be Dominant

1. Dominating organizations often win the battle before it begins. 2. There is a competitive spirit in everything that they do. 3. There is a mental toughness–which is simply the ability to sustain. It’s delivering in tough times. How Good … Continue reading

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Mental Toughness

As a coach, it’s important to prepare your team not only physically, but mentally. The game is 80% mental and 20% physical. Here is an example of mental toughness. Look at the score, Knicks 105 Pacers 102. Reggie Miller had … Continue reading

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Vince Lombardi

Don’t just work harder than the next guy. Work harder than everybody else. Lombardi believed a person’s character is made up of small, everyday decisions to do the right thing, as well as larger prevailing traits, such as respect, humility … Continue reading

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The Importance of Leadership & Discipline

They made it through the grueling offseason conditioning program. They made it through spring practice, when the Ohio State Buckeyes got their first taste of playing for demanding coach Urban Meyer. From now until preseason camp starts in early August, … Continue reading

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You’re Either In or You’re Out

“I am not a gambling man, but I will gamble on myself.”

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Forbes: The Highest Paid Coaches

Want to make it as a big-time coach? It’s best if you aren’t good enough to play past college, and get started early on the X’s and O’s. Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots’ resident genius, last played as a … Continue reading

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Think Positive

Always think positive, if you want positive results. Here’s a great link to share with your team about having a positive mindset. Positive Team Pledge

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Larry Legend

This is what great players do!!!

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