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Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Hunt or be hunted has always been my mentality. I don’t hide the aggressiveness of competition behind All-Star parties, sponsored events, and the idea that the weekend game is a well deserved break. The fans … Continue reading

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San Antonio Spurs – A Must Watch

This is how the game is supposed to be played.

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Best of Coach Pop

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Coaching Thoughts From Doc Rivers

Patience is important. Believe in what you believe in. Stick to your guns. Be consistent in how you treat people. Your character counts and so does the character of your players. You can’t be putting fires out all day on … Continue reading

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Michael Jordan The Greatest Of All Time

“Michael Jordan said a profound thing once about being a star. He said that anyone who aspires to that type of stardom has to be prepared to be lonely. When your friends are out partying, you’re in the gym. When … Continue reading

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Doc Rivers & Bob Ryan Q&A

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Jerry Colangelo Rebuilding the USA Basketball Program

Recapturing Gold, Restoring Pride After developing successful professional sports franchises, Jerry Colangelo took on a bigger challenge: rebuilding a demoralized USA Basketball Team As the USA Men’s Basketball Team heads to London as the favorite to win gold, it’s hard … Continue reading

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If You Have A Dream Pursue It

Jerry Colangelo on pursuing his goals. “You can’t do anything about yesterday, you certainly can’t do anything about tomorrow, but you can control what you’re doing today.” Video of Jerry Colangelo discussing his life goals.

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A Glimpse into the Life of an NBA Rookie

Miles Plumlee was admittedly overwhelmed by the volume of information he was asked to absorb during the Indiana Pacers rookie/free agent camp. New defensive schemes. Learning to block shots first and take charges second on defense. Making jump shots off … Continue reading

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Doc Rivers On Building Trust

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