Nick Saban: Trust & Communication

Nick-Saban-trophy Excerpts from an article on Trust & Communication.

“Something as simple as being on time,” Saban said Tuesday after practice. “Being on time is important because it shows that you care, it shows that it’s important to you. It shows that we can trust in you. It shows that your teammates can trust in you.”

“I just think that in this day and age, the players are a little less geared toward communicating,” Saban said in Hoover. “They do a lot of texting, they do a lot of Facebook, they do a lot of social media, but in doing that, they don’t spend as much time communicating with other people.

“That’s one of the things that we really try to emphasize: that we have good communication.”

Saban said issues of trust, accountability and communication are keys to being great.

“If you’re going to have a great team, you’ve got to have great team chemistry, which comes from that respect and trust that people get from their discipline, accountability and responsibility they have to their role,” the coach said. “They’ve got to be able to focus on that no matter what else is going on around them.

“Which means it’s got to be important enough for them to want to do it and to stay focused on it. And they’ve got to be available mentally, whether in meetings or on the practice field or wherever it is, to take advantage of the repetitions that they get so that they have a chance to do that.

“That’s how you play winning football. That’s a challenge for every team. The devil is always in the details.”

Nick Saban: Trust & Communication

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