Nick Saban On The Process & Reinventing Your Team

nick%20sabanExcerpts from the article. Click on the link below for the full article. TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Year after year, the tone is the same. Nick Saban, stubborn and strong-willed as ever, opens spring camp at Alabama with a similar message: Forget the past season, forget the championship, forget everything you’ve done.

“Every year you’ve got to reinvent your team,” he told reporters after the first day of practice three weeks ago.

For the 61-year-old head coach of the defending champions, both eyes are locked firmly on the future. Time spent in the past is time wasted. There are too many more important questions to be considered.

“Who are going to be the leaders?” he asked. “Who are going to be the guys that set an example? Who steps forward as young players who show that they have the responsibility to do a job and be dependable in doing that job so that we have a chance to play winning football with them?”

“We’re not where we’d love to be or would like to be,” he said. “… It all starts with guys being able to sustain the kind of mental intensity you need to have to be a good football player, especially when things get a little tough, it gets a little tough, you get a little bit tired. We just don’t have the mental toughness we need from enough guys to sustain things, pay attention to detail, and do the little things right so we can execute better as a team.”

He continued: “We had some guys play well, but kind of hit and miss right now. We don’t have enough guys doing the right things the right way all the time.”

“We don’t have enough guys doing the right things the right way all the time,” he said. “That’s something we really need to work on. It’s a work in progress to try to continue to improve.”

Bama’s never-ending ‘process’ underway

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