Defensive Thoughts from Kevin Eastman

We’re all looking for ways to “GET” our teams to understand and appreciate defense and how important it is to winning. So often we talk to our team about having to GET things done in order to be a good defensive team. Our “GET” game is the following:

1. GET a good shot – harder for opponent to run after a made basket

2. GET back – it’s a sprint to the other end; we want more defenders back before they get more offensive players back

3. GET set – being back is one thing; being set and ready to defend is the key thing

4. GET through screens and over pick/rolls – do not melt on either

5. GET matched up as best we can– we are guarding their team; not necessarily our match up when in transition defense

6. GET into bodies – we cannot allow free cuts, free passes, free shots; make them feel us each possession

7. GET the rebound – the start of our defense is a good shot and GETTING back; the end of our defense is a contested shot and GETTING the rebound

8. GET ready to start this process all over again on the next possession

Kevin Eastman Defense Blog

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