Coaching Thoughts From Doc Rivers

  • Patience is important.
  • Believe in what you believe in. Stick to your guns.
  • Be consistent in how you treat people.
  • Your character counts and so does the character of your players. You can’t be putting fires out all day on and off the field.

The Ultimate Coaches Clinic

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1 Response to Coaching Thoughts From Doc Rivers

  1. “Believe in what you believe in. Stick to your guns.”

    I like that. I’ve been coaching middle school basketball for years. It’s incredibly tempting to change your entire game plan in the middle if a game is not going well. It’s an enormous tactical mistake to switch it all in the middle, but one I’ve made pretty often and one I’ve seen other coaches make. All coaches make adjustments in-game at every level, but I’m talking about coming in with a plan, and abandoning the plan.

    Doc is right, stick to your guns. If the game plan wasn’t right, make a different one for next time. But major changes in the middle rarely turn out well.

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