Alan Stein: Mindset of a Champion

“I always visualized my success. The process of seeing success before it happened put me in a positive frame of mind and prepared me to play the game.” Michael Jordan

Mindset of a Champion:

·Believe in yourself – love your talent

·Challenge limiting beliefs – unlock your true potential

·Motivate yourself from within – set personal goals

·Think like a champion – consistent mind equals consistent performance

·Visualize success – see it, feel it, believe it, be it

·Mentally prepare for competition – create a consistent pre-game routine

·Approach each game the same – consistency leads to success

·Welcome pressure – embrace all challenges and obstacles as opportunities

·Play to play great – not to avoid mistakes

·Focus on the moment at hand – stay ‘present’ when you compete

·Trust your abilities – play without worry

·Compete – every moment and every play

·Control what you can – let everything else go

·Keep it simple – focus on the next play

·Attitude, effort, and focus are in your control – discipline yourself

·Learn from loss – wisdom often lies in defeat

· Write your own story – how do you want to be remembered

·Commit to the mental game – work on your mental skills every day

·Love hard work – learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable

Alan Stein: Mindset of a Champion

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