Thoughts From Coaching U Live

Jimmy Dykes @JimmyDykesLive

The best do not get bored with the basics.

Toughness – doing what’s right when it’s really, really hard to do what’s right.

Good coaches identify the problem. Great coaches fix the problem.

Kevin Eastman @KevinEastman

You must have three things for success. Big eyes, big ears and a small mouth

Success doesn’t stop once you get there.

Seek wisdom from those who came before you.

Lawerence Frank

When a player accepts his role. That’s his first act of sacrifice for the team.

One of the keys in coaching, is can you get the “fence sitters” to work.

If you can add value to someone, they will listen.

Jon Gordon @JonGordon11

Your purpose must be greater than your challenges.

Culture beats strategy all day long.

Your positivity must be greater than all the negativity + doubt you face.

Tates Locke

Time is like a coin. It’s how you spend it that counts.

It’s all about dealing with and impacting kids. That’s the game.

Flip Saunders @Flip_Saunders

When you take a job, the first thing you must do is come in and change the culture.

Keep score in EVERYTHING you do. It keeps everything competitive.

Build confidence in your drills through success.

Alan Stein @AlanStein

Work Hard- It means you are leaving your comfort zone both physically and mentally.

Everyone wants what you want. You have to find ways to separate yourself.

Focus on the process. Don’t worry about the big picture. Focus on the NOW!

Brad Stephens @BUCoachStevens

Prepare the right way, you never know who is going to be in the building to change your future.

Never let your conditioning take away from your talent.

Everyone wants to take a step up, but you can’t cheat the process.

Brendan Suhr @BrendanSuhr

To be a great defensive coach, you have to be an expert on offense.

As player comes off pick, he must be thinking SCORE first.

The most influential people in your life will be coaches.

Jeff Van Gundy

4 Things Players Care Most About:

Are you competent?
Are you sincere?
Are you reliable?
Are you trustworthy?

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