Great Coaches: Hold Their Players Accountable

Discipline and accountability go hand in hand. Accountability comes first… followed by discipline… followed by success. Coaches who have won consistently throughout their career demand accountability from their players and won’t tolerate players who make excuse after excuse for making mistakes or missing assignments. Very few players are accountable naturally, it’s something a coach and coaching staff must invest in, and a trademark of a team that takes time to develop.

Being accountable doesn’t mean that you are perfect or play mistake-free, it only means that you can take responsibility and that’s the first step of becoming great at anything that you do. You can’t become great at anything that matters if you aren’t accountable.

Players who are accountable are usually the team leaders – they take responsibility for their actions and expect their teammates to be accountable for themselves as well. The best teams are usually those where accountability is influenced by the players first, and coaches second. The desire to become truly accountability has to come from the player—it can’t be forced on you.

Great Coaches: Hold Their Players Accountable

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