It’s Important to Reflect On The Season

“Sometimes if you leave a tournament earlier, you are more truthful with yourself, not just about that game but about everything,” Krzyzewski said Wednesday. “If you would have won, say, two games and lost in the Sweet 16. Well, we won 30, so it must not be that bad.

“I’m not going to go through everything I looked at because that’s private. But we need to be tougher with what we’re doing, how we’re practicing, how we bond. I take a look at all those things. I think you look at them closer, whomever you get beat by. When you leave a tournament that early, that’s not what you want to do.”

“We’ve had a chance to look at everything, make the appropriate adjustments,” Krzyzewski said during a news conference at the start of the K Academy Fantasy Camp. “It’s been very busy. I’m really pleased with where we are at right now.”

This is the time of the year to reflect on your teams production and results to make the necessary adjustments to improve in the future. Evaluating and adjusting is the name of the game. In any organization, it’s necessary and vital to reflect and re-evaluate every component to be efficient while maintaining high standards to produce a good product.

LEARNING SEASON: K, Devils take a ‘look at everything

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