Vince Lombardi

Don’t just work harder than the next guy. Work harder than everybody else.

Lombardi believed a person’s character is made up of small, everyday decisions to do the right thing, as well as larger prevailing traits, such as respect, humility and responsibility. “Character is just another word for having a perfectly disciplined and educated will,” Lombardi told management students at Fordham in 1967. “A person can make his own character by blending these elements with an intense desire to achieve excellence. Everyone is different in what I will call magnitude, but the capacity to achieve character is still the same.”

His son says his father’s legacy is of leadership, not necessarily football, “because it wasn’t what he accomplished but how he accomplished it.” He did it with honesty, integrity, heart, dedication, and most important, unconditional love for the game of football.
Success Maqazine: Vince Lombardi Greatness Beyond the Gridiron

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