Tim Grover On Hard Work

When did hard work become a skill? It doesn’t take talent to work hard, anyone can do it. I ask—or rather demand—three things from my players: Show up, work hard, and listen. None of that takes skill. It takes a willingness to be dedicated, to improve, to be better. I don’t care if you’re a superstar or the weakest guy on the team, anyone can show up, work hard, and listen. Are you looking for a shortcut, or are you ready to do things the right way? Do you want it easy, or do you want it good?
One guy who took no shortcuts getting ready for the season was my client Kobe Bryant. Given his history of injuries and his long list of accomplishments, it would have been easy for him to take the summer off, get some rest, and wait for the league to settle the labor situation. Instead, he wanted to spend the time working out, training, and preparing to be better than ever. So when most players were relaxing with light workouts that did nothing to prepare them for the rigors of the NBA season, Kobe and I were in the gym most of the summer and fall, finding new ways to make the best even better.
It’s all about the work you’re willing to put in during the off-season. Tim Grover Hard Work Article

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