40 Hours to Tipoff

Erik Spoelstra and his staff prepare the Miami Heat for an upcoming game. This article provides the reader with a glimpse of what goes into preparing for an NBA game. These guys do this at least 82 times a year. You have to give these guys a ton of credit for the work they do on a daily basis. This is not without consequences. Spoelstra, 41 years old and single, has at times this season not gone to bed between games. He barely closed his eyes during one three-day stretch in February when the Heat played three games in three nights, all on the road, before he finally crashed on an off-day in Cleveland. It’s how he operated when he was a low-level assistant to Riley, pulling all-nighters in the video room or filing scouting reports from the road before catching a 6 a.m. flight to the next town. At times, after particularly stressful games, Spoelstra is wound so tightly that Riley takes emergency measures, calling his pupil into his expansive office and pulling an expensive bottle of wine from his supply. There the two will sit, and sip, in silence.ESPN The Magazine: 40 Hours to tipoff

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