There Is No I In TEAM

When I’m playing basketball, I’m playing to win, nothing else. Not to score, to rebound, or to excel in one particular area of the game, but to win.

That mean’s I’m a rebounder, a scorer, a passer, even acheerleader.

It means I’m going to be an example to my teammates of what having a winning attitude is all about.

It means I’ll have an attitude of unselfishness that keeps me craving for more championships for my team, not for glory for myself.

It means I’ll set an example at every practice by practicing longer and harder than anybody else.

It means I’ll challenge myself, I’ll set goals. It means I’ll think “we, and not me,” every time I step on the court.

Magic Johnson

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1 Response to There Is No I In TEAM

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Magic was the perfect point guard. He and John Stockton took pride in sharing the basketball!

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