6 Navy SEAL Tips to Achieve Mental Strength By: Bob Drury

Master Chief Will Guild, a 27-year Navy SEAL veteran, mentors incoming
SEAL candidates. The six key values he imparts to future special
operators apply to any walk of life.

Put Teammates First
“This is an exoteric responsibility—that is, ‘imparting to someone
else’—and it’s missing from our culture. When you are acting
exoterically, you are acting ethically. How do I treat others? How do
I fit into the team? What is my responsibility? Ask yourself these
questions, no matter your profession.”

Second-Guess Yourself

“We all have monkey brains. We think terrible things sometimes.
Quitting, abandoning something important to us. But don’t let that
disturb you too much, because it happens to everyone. Really, who you
are is your second or even third thought.”

Allow Yourself to Fear

“Some people become afraid, and they find it overwhelming. When that
happens, reach out to family, friends, or colleagues. Fear is a shared
experience—you’ll get a lot of energy from the people around you.
Being okay with being afraid is the first step to overcoming it.”

Control Your Emotions Physically

“Ask a family member or friend to study your posture when you’re happy
or content. Then practice it, over and over. Your psyche will follow
your body. You can literally control your emotions this way.”

Break Big Goals into Small Targets

“How do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time. Don’t wake up
Monday morning and say, ‘Four days and 16 hours till Friday.’ Instead,
wake up and say, ‘Two hours till breakfast.’ And then, ‘Three hours
till lunch.’ Try to stay in the present.”

Have Faith in Yourself

“This is the most crucial part of mental toughness. It’s something I
tell all the SEALs. Have faith that you’ll figure it out. You are a
lot stronger physically and mentally than you think you are.”

6 Navy SEAL Tips to Achieve Mental Strength

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