March Madness is Here!!!

This game was played on February 29th, leap year. This game was the the perfect preamble to the madness that’s going to occur in March. The first clip shows Northwestern’s Alex Marcotulio hitting the game tying three. I have one thing to say, you say Marco, I say Tulio. That was a deep three, big time players step up when they’re on the main stage.

Jared Sullinger finished with 22 points & 18 rebounds. He shot 53% from the field. He’s a monster! I’m pretty sure Bill Carmody, Northwestern’s Head Coach told his team to not let Jared Sullinger touch the ball, but the second to last play of any game is filled with a bunch of hysteria. Northwestern did get one last shot for the game winner, but it fell short. Hats off to both these teams for playing a great game and taking us into March with an instant classic. Lastly, I can’t end this post without talking about Gus Johnson. Talk about Mr. March Madness. I’m a little disappointed that he no longer works for CBS, but I’m glad to see him on the Big Ten Network. When Gus does a game the score can be 115-2 and you’ll think you’re watching a good old fashion barn burner. ESPN sign this guy up, he’s electric.

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